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If you want to sleep safe at night, move to Malta

If you want to sleep safe at night, move to Malta

Crime statistics are reflecting ever-increasing levels of threat and harm to personal safety in societies the world over. With South Africa ranking as one of the most volatile places to live (coming in 5th last out of 142 countries in 2019 as per a survey published by businesstech.co.za) when it comes to the safety of the family nucleus, Malta has affirmed its place as one of the top destinations for an increasing amount of South Africans who now demand a safe place to live and school their children.

Malta is the smallest country in the EU and located mid-way between Africa and Europe. This English-speaking country has a sunny, Mediterranean climate coupled with a low cost of living, while the standard of living is very high. What makes it even more attractive is that Malta has a stable economy, a very low crime rate and excellent healthcare. English is one of the 2 official languages along with Maltese and is spoken by more than 80% of the population.

One of the main reasons South Africans move to Malta is then obviously the safety factor: here you can still drive around with car doors unlocked, you can still have your laptop or handbag on the seat of your car and not fear a smash-and-grab situation, you can safely go out and walk down the street after dark in any village or town. The nightlife on the islands is legendary even in the smallest villages and towns.

Although petty theft is on the increase, violent crime is extremely rare in Malta and most homes do not even have burglar bars or security alarms. Private security companies patrolling neighbourhoods are unheard of and armed response is a foreign concept. Many a time people will leave their keys in their cars with valuables in full sight with rarely, if ever, any consequences. It is very likely that if you lost a wallet, purse or a set of keys, all you have to do is go to your nearest police station or the shop where you lost it and someone would already have handed it in! Social media groups are also very pro-active in getting lost belongings and pets reunited with their rightful owners, therefore a positive community spirit is tangible everywhere.

To most South Africans this all may seem like utopia, but just ask any South African who relocated to Malta: it is one of the biggest and best reasons to jumpstart one’s life, to cease looking over your shoulder day and night and start living again on this jewel of an island.

Care to find out more?

Frank Salt Real Estate is hosting its next seminar series MOVE TO MALTA – investment, residency, and relocation, this time in the form of a webinar. Registration to the virtual seminars is free of charge, with a limited number of participants.

The 1-hr webinar will consist of a few short presentations, with the option of also booking a virtual one-on-one session with key speakers and their support teams, as well as Frank Salt partner agents in South Africa. The individual sessions are highly recommended as they offer an opportunity to gather exact information related to property investment, taxation, or residency.