Malta offers an attractive residence programme ideal for third country nationals wishing to invest and open a business in Malta. Launched in 2022, the Malta Start-Up Residence Programme is ideal for non-EU nationals and non-EEA entrepreneurs who wish to set up innovative start-ups and scale-ups in Malta. The programme covers the business’ founders and core employees, as well as their respective immediate families.

The Malta Start-Up Residence Programme offers the applicants a three-year residency permit, subject to the individual investing in Malta through a start-up enterprise.

After the three-year residency period ends, the beneficiaries of the Programme will be able to further renew their residency for five years. This, provided that their start-up is still in business and that the beneficiaries still meet the eligibility requirements they applied under.

Core employees and their immediate family will also have the option of renewing their permit for an additional three years.

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