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Why Malta?

Malta is an EU country with a sunny, Mediterranean climate and a low cost of living. It offers a very attractive standard of living, a stable economy, low crime rate, and excellent healthcare service. Its diverse and active social life caters to all ages, with many cultural events held throughout the year, most of them in English. Good food and wine are important to the Maltese people and the island has a vast array of restaurants for all tastes and pockets. It has 7,000 years of history for you to immerse yourself in.

Malta offers very attractive Residence, Visa and Relocation programmes, ideal for South African nationals keen to invest in an offshore holiday or retirement place with residency and ease of movement across Europe as part of the package.

English remains one of the two official languages and almost everyone speaks English fluently. Driving is on the same side of the road as South Africa. There are daily and weekly flights to South Africa via a number of European hubs.

The Maltese islands offer a good choice of property, from apartments in vibrant towns to villas and rural retreats. The property market is very stable, offering steady capital growth.

The advantages of moving to Malta are far too numerous to cover in this intro, so our best advice is to attend one of the webinars that Frank Salt Real Estate organises on a regular basis. You can also drop us an email and one of our Residence and Relocation experts will be in touch.

For an indication of the types of properties available to rent or buy visit the Frank Salt Real Estate website: franksalt.com.mt

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